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Meet The Bailey’s Ladies in Ireland


Your Baileys journey begins with a short virtual farm tour where our guests get up close and personal with the most glamorous cows in Ireland – The Bailey’s Ladies! Joe Hayden, 4th generation farmer, tells the story of how the farm’s sustainable and pasture based feeding system provides the most natural and tastiest cream in the world. 

Following the virtual farm visit, guests will enjoy a short introduction to the History and Heritage of the iconic Baileys brand and learn how that very special relationship between Baileys and the Hayden Farm evolved.  

Joe will then demonstrate how the rich cream from the dairy herd is masterfully blended with finest spirits including smooth Irish whiskey, velvety chocolate and sweet vanilla flavors and of course a little magic to create the unique taste that is Baileys.  

Having gained insight into how the world’s finest cream is produced and blended with those divine ingredients our guests are all set to embark on this sumptuous tasting experience….go on “Don’t Mind If I Baileys”! 

For your virtual cocktail experience choose one of our favorites like our St Patrick’s Day Shake, Baileys Ice Cream Sundae, Baileys Hot Chocolate, Baileys Tiramisu Cocktail or Baileys Flat Martini.

Prices range from $70pp to $275pp depending on gifting options. Minimum group 20 people

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