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Matthew McElroy MICEport

MICEport LLC is a strategic sales and marketing firm specializing in international meetings and incentives as well as small business marketing consultancy.


MICEport have the resources available for your company under one roof. 


MICEport opened its doors in March 2011 and is Headquartered in beautiful Bucks County Pennsylvania in Historic Washington Crossing, PA with divisions in Europe and the United Kingdom.


We are a family owned company with an overall goal to offer clients a great service within their company budget with some of the best service providers. 


As our slogan for our company says "Adventure Awaits, Experience Counts", this is the core of our business.  Our individual divisions, when combined, give great strength and diversity to any client we work with; these divisions work similar to the hexagonal design structure of a beehive, creating strength and organization to achieve all our goals.


MICEport currently has two divisions (MICEport Marketing and MICEport Global Events) to ensure that we meet and exceed client experiences  for professional meeting and incentive planners, small businesses and unique travelers. 

If you would like to contact MICEport please contact us HERE or call (215) 253-8924


My team and myself look forward to working and speaking with you.


Matthew J. McElroy


President MICEport LLC